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In recent years, with the continuous development of market economy, oil fields have contracted for drilling projects in Xinjiang in Northwest China and some Middle East countries such as Sudan and Qatar, in addition to drilling in local operation areas. These areas have the natural characteristics of drought, less rain but concentrated rainfall, windy sand, high temperature and large temperature difference, which put forward higher requirements for camping house's residence comfort, thermal insulation, sealing, appearance anticorrosion and visual grade. At the same time, camping house should be able to adapt to frequent long-distance transportation, collision avoidance, easy lifting and durable leather. The interior decoration should embody the flavor of modern life, reasonable space design, compact structure, and optimize the production process, improve standardization and modularization, reduce costs and ensure quality.

While guaranteeing the use function, we should optimize the structure, reduce costs and improve quality, conform to the international trend, take customer satisfaction as the purpose of quality management, make more efforts in product quality and upgrade the product grade.

At the same time, we should also see that the application of camping houses is expanding constantly, so the design producers should adapt to the needs of other fields besides oil and gas exploration and development, improve the quality and applicability of products, from the comfort of living, the optimal use of indoor space, aesthetic appearance, local meticulousness, individualization of design, simplicity of relocation, strength, heat preservation, sealing, anti-corrosion and rust prevention. In other aspects, we have greatly improved the product grade and vigorously expanded the market space of camping houses.


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