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What kind of container campsite can walk in the desert?

Container houses, container campsites, container car campsites, specially customized container houses, container campsites, car campsites walking in the desert, all kinds of models can be customized!

The characteristics of container barracks in the southeast and northwest are introduced.

1. Vehicle room is made of container room. It can be used for many purposes, such as office, lounge, temporary command room, and also can be refitted into functional activity room, such as dining room, kitchen, one room and one bathroom, lounge, dressing room, etc.

2. Vehicle-mounted houses in the desert of southeast and northwest have the characteristics of waterproofing, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, wind resistance and easy cleaning. Transportation and hoisting are convenient and fast, and can be moved arbitrarily according to need without disassembly. There are air conditioning, floor, windows, hydropower and other facilities in the room.

3. Vehicle-mounted room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, lounge, conference room, office and toilet are all available. It can be adjusted and produced according to customers'requirements.

4. Container-mounted campsite has become a fashionable trend of modern home. It is economical, long-life and can be reused and reused as a whole, bringing convenience to people's lives.


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